Tentative Classes

1. Barbell fundamentals
This is a class for the beginners in strength training. You will learn how to execute the most important exercises for lower body, upper body and core, in an efficient and safe way.

Upper body: horizontal push-pull (bench press, rows), vertical push-pull (overhead press, rows)

Lower body: Knee dominant exercises (back and front squat, split squat,
lunge …), hip dominant exercises (deadlift and variation, hip bridge…)

Core: planks, torsion control, wood choppers.

2. Athletic development (kids)
This is a class to help kids get better at their sport or just improve athleticism. They will learn proper technique in main strength training exercises, speed work (sprints, direction changes) and power (different types of jumps and plyometrics)

3. Olympic Weightlifting (beginners)
This is a class for people who want to learn the basics of Olympic weightlifting (snatch, clean&jerk). Weightlifting is a very efficient way to improve coordination, power, and flexibility. Main exercises will be front and overhead squat and easier variation of snatch and clean&jerk.

4. Olympic Weightlifting (intermediate/advanced)
This is a class for people who have at least 1 year experience in weightlifting. Training will be geared to refining technique using the Russian school, working on weaker parts of the lifts, speed and strength.

5. Sport performance for adults
This class is for people that want to improve their performance in recreational sports (tennis, golf …) or want to be able to play those sports longer and without pain. The class is a combination of strength training, prehab/rehab and mobility exercises.

6. Strength and conditioning
This is a class for people with experience in strength training that want to be able to continue their progress, using a medium to long term approach (periodization). It is designed on a 4/1 strength training/ conditioning ratio. Main strength exercises will be performed with barbells and using progressive overload. For conditioning, a combination of bodyweight exercises, wall balls and other implements will be used (no treadmills and machines)

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