Marius Pop

Marius Pop


  • Olympic Weightlifting Coach- Ontario Weightlifting Association
  • Titleist Performance Institute, Power level 2 Coach
  • Eleiko Level 2 Strength Coach
  • Poliquin Level 2 Strength Coach (PICP)
  • Weightlifting Seminars (Safonov, Varbanov, Coach Ma, Bryan Marshall)
  • PIMST Trigger Point Therapy (PICP)
  • Poliquin Program Design (PICP)
  • Poliquin BioSignature Modulation Level 1 (PICP)
  • Fascial Abrasion Technique Practitioner
  • SWIS Muscle Testing Certified (Kinakin)
  • CanFit Pro Personal Trainer Specialist


My name is Marius Pop. I was born in Romania in 1977. In communist Romania, as a kid, there was not much else to do other than sports. I started attending organized sports at 5 and I never stopped since. Most of my youth years I spent practicing martial arts and strength training.
I immigrated to Canada in 2005 in search for a better life and hoping to make a living in the strength and conditioning industry. I’ve been a Goodlife personal trainer for more than 15 years. During my Goodlife years I tried to change in better my clients life and also help my younger and inexperienced trainers offering advice, workshops and courses. Finally last year I decided to open a gym with my partner and friend, Dr. Khaled. This gym reflects our vision about training. I am excited to improve the lives of many more adults and develop powerful kids to become great athletes and why not champions.

To help our clients reach their best physical abilities using Olympic Weightlifting and Strength training.

To use my knowledge and experience to help our young and adults clients the best I can.

Only provide quality.

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